Tester & Testing equipment for cars

Noise Level Meter for car horn and exhaust


Technical Parameters:

AC output: Output AC linear voltage, 6 V RMS corresponds to the upper limit of each Measuring range 

Max. Sound level holding: Decay rate: < 0,1 dB/s

Microphone: Half-inch pre-polarized condenser microphone Type HY205

Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa or -26dB re. 1V

Calibration Method:  Trimmer adjustment using Sound Level Calibrator Type HY603

Calibration Reference Conditions: Sound field: free field condition

Reference incidence direction: perpendicular to microphone diaphragm (0°incidence)

Reference sound pressure level: 94 dB re. 20μPa

Reference frequency: 1 kHz

Reference temperature: 23℃

Reference range: 50 dB to 110 dB

Warm-up time:  10 s

Batteries:  Four type R6 batteries

Battery life: Approx. 18 hours for continuous operation

Complete unit current: < 35 mA 

Temperature Range:  (0~40) ℃

Humidity Range: (25~90)% RH

Dimensions:  Length × width × depth: 257 mm × 74 mm × 24mm

Weight:  500 g with batteries

Measuring range: (35~130) dBA, (45~130) dBC, in three level ranges:

L: (35~90)dBA, (45~90)dBC

M: (50~110)dBA, (50~110)dBC

H: (70~130)dBA, (70~130)dBC

Frequency range: In accordance with IEC 61672 for Class 2 and IEC60651 for Type 2 sound level meters

A-weighting and C-weighting

Detector: Characteristics: RMS indication in accordance with IEC 61672 and IEC 60651

Dynamic range: 60 dB

Time weighting: F (fast) 

Display: 3 1/2 digital LCD display with 0,1 dB display resolution Overload, underrange and low battery warning indicator

Read out interval: updated once per second

DC output: Proportional to continuous A- weighting, F-time weighting sound level

Nominal output voltage: 15 mV/dB

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